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S. A. Stitz
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Adobe Digital Editions
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In her short life, Jai has already survived poverty in Macao, abuse at the hands of a tyrannical stepfather, and a bizarre, nearly lethal sexual experience. But Jai is finally able to find meaning in her life after a young man comes to her rescue and becomes not just her mentor but also her lover.Soon, Jai and Jinhai begin training in martial arts and forbidden occult practices at a secret temple deep in the Tibetan Himalayas. But when an invading Chinese army leaves Jai as the only survivor, she needs to find her way back to civilization. Following a path out of the mountains, she must battle strange unearthly creatures to reach a beautiful mystical land where she learns her true identity, receives guidance from a supernatural creature to develop her innate paranormal abilities that include energy-driven sexual practices, finds an unusual lover, and discovers her destiny: to defend against those intent on destroying Earth and enslaving its population--all in the name of greed and power.
In this paranormal action adventure novel, a young woman with special abilities becomes embroiled in a battle of good versus evil as she attempts to rescue a world in desperate need of salvation.

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