A Bale of Turtles
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A Bale of Turtles

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Lee Clancey
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In the animal world, each animal has its own name, but there are also names for groups of the same kind of animallike a flock of sheep or a bale or turtles! There are special words for all kinds of animals; how many can you learn?
Whale families are called pods, but a group of whale friends is a gam. There are schools of dolphins and litters of puppies. On the farm, you might find a gaggle of geese, a trip of goats, or a drift of hogs. If you go to the woods, you could meet a sloth of bears or a skulk of foxes! And up in the air you could see a richness of ravens or a parliament of owls.

Entertaining and informative, this illustrated childrens book introduces nouns of assembly for animals in fun and colorful verse.