All Girls Can Be Princesses
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All Girls Can Be Princesses

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Rebecca Joelle Campbell
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Princess are known for their fancy dresses, big castles, and royal families. But a real princess is defined by her behavior. All girls can be true princesses if they want. A princess doesnt have to be rich or famous. If a girl wants to be a princess, all she has to do is try.
In All Girls Can Be Princesses, author Rebecca Joelle Campbell offers an illustrated guide to empower girls. Through pictures and words, Campbell discusses an array of positive traits that help girls become all they can be. She tells about the importance of kindness, the strength to do the right thing, the value of self-esteem, the joy of having a pure soul, the worth of eating healthy, and more.

Inspiring and filled with love, kind messages, and lessons to last a lifetime, All Girls Can Be Princesses show all young girls how they can fill their hearts with joy and become princesses.