Sudden Darkness
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Sudden Darkness

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L. R. Erdmann
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Its a slow day when private investigator Bill Radner and his friend John Cleveland meet Alice Johnson. Shes concerned over a letter received from her brother--a letter that was cruel and sounded nothing like him. Even though Radner suspects no more than a family argument, he agrees to look into her case.
Turns out Radner was right to work for Alice. Her brother, Adam, is not only a successful trader on the Chicago Exchange but hes also the leader of a satanic cult. Radner enlists the help of Bishop Mark Frazer, and soon, the PI, his pal Cleveland, and a man of the cloth are embroiled in a scandal of devil worship and murder.

Good thing Radner has some ideas. Theyre going to need to trap Adam before he can kill Alice. The perfect time to do so will be during a ritual sacrifice at Adams home in Wisconsin on Halloween. It wont be easy, not with Adams legion of followers, but Radner has backup and a full proof plan to stop this evil mastermind.