The Purposeful Child
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The Purposeful Child

A Quick and Practical Parenting Guide to Creating the Optimal Home Environment for Young Children
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Lorena T. Seidel M.Ed.
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Lorena T. Seidel, parent educator, Montessori teacher and mother of three shares her research and her hard-earned lessons in this informative guide to raising happy and well-adjusted children.
She blends key principles from approaches such as Montessori, Waldorf, Positive Discipline, and moreall renowned for their proven success. The combined teachings help parents build peaceful and positive relationships with their children, and walks parents through how to create the optimum home environment.

By taking such a thoughtful approach, young children can feel empowered and inspired to perform everyday tasks with little to no help, and can develop social, emotional, and life skills that will pay dividends throughout their lives. The guidebook helps parents:

develop social, emotional, and life skills in children;
understand the shortcomings of rewards, praise and punishments;
bridge communication gaps;
focus on long term solutions to misbehavior;
create optimum play-areas and other child-friendly spaces;
defuse power struggles, whining, and tantrums.

Seidel also shares effective tools to solving conflicts in between peers or siblings, a positive alternative to time-outs, and guidance on engaging young children in self-directed, creative, hands-on play.

Unlock the development potential of children with practical solutions that will bring joy and peace into your home by learning the lessons in The Purposeful Child.