The Highest Rung of the Ladder
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The Highest Rung of the Ladder

Achieving the American Dream
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Deane May Zager
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Deane May Zager and Diana Turner were two young women with a dream when they opened the first data processing service bureau in Orange County, California, in June 1962.
Within twenty-four hours after the idea of a business was conceived, they had a small office. John Dewey said, The highest mark of intelligence is to recognize and grasp a genuine opportunity. They did.

Using the slogan Accuracy Is Our Key Word, they included their home phone numbers on business cards, pledged not to miss a call, and vowed never to date anyone in authority to award contracts because it wasnt good business.

As executive women in the data processing field at that time, they were an anomaly, but they earned respect and built a booming business a mans worldall while enjoying an active family and social life.

Their story is filled with laughs galore at some their unorthodox business adventures. It demonstrates the value of friendship and confirms that with little more than a dream and determination, anyone can blaze a trail in business and reach The Highest Rung of the Ladder.