Miracle Loops
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Miracle Loops

A Biography Based on the Life and Writings of Fanaye Dirasse
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Miracle Loops is a heart wrenching yet uplifting biography of Fanaye Dirasse, a steadfast and resilient woman who endured many life challenges and traumatic experiences while devoting her life to help others.
Born in Ethiopia, she came to the United States for her education with hopes of returning home to teach. Her dreams were shattered by the 1974 Marxist revolution. The military junta executed her father and imprisoned her mother. Fanaye became an American citizen, and pursued a successful teaching career in Iowa. Years later, she opened an Education Center in Maryland and finally in Virginia. A dedicated and award winning teacher, she helped and inspired many students to succeed in their studies and chosen careers.

Fanaye lived with the results of many tragic events that included: suffering third degree burns thirty three years apart, suffering a stroke six months after donating a kidney to a stranger, and undergoing three brain surgeries over the next decade. Despite her pain and suffering, her faith carried her forward intensifying her understanding of what really matters in life. She loved God and loved life, living it to the fullest, caring for, loving, and inspiring all she came across.