Salty the Lonely Crocodile
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Salty the Lonely Crocodile

A Yoga Story
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Lyndsie Couet
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Salty is a beautiful and large saltwater crocodile living in the river systems of Northern Australia, but she doesnt have any friends.
Everyone she approaches runs away because they think shell eat them. But Salty is a vegetarian! One day, she swims up the river to find a friendlier place.

Saltys journey requires her to move in new ways, and each one of her poses is illustrated with delightful pictures that allow children and adults to practice yoga while listening to, reading, and enjoying her story.

She meets Dodger the dingo. Salty notices bright red and orange fish that shes never seen before. She even meets a family of frogs and the most beautiful butterfly she has ever beheld.

The highlight of her adventure comes when she meets a giant crabwho is nice to herbut the creature falls into a trap. Salty will need to think quickly to rescue him.

Believe in yourself, learn the value of friendship, and practice yoga poses that will revive the mind and spirit with Salty the Lonely Crocodile.