Take Five: Organizational Behavior Alive
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Take Five: Organizational Behavior Alive

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Joseph E. Champoux
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Movies can be great teaching tools for everything from behavior theories and concepts to ethical dilemmas.
For instance, when John (Jack Lemmon) and Max (Walter Matthau) must decide in Grumpier Old Men whether to go to Maxs wedding or once again try to catch the most elusive fish in the lake, Catfish Hunter, they arent sure what to do.

In Take Five: Organizational Behavior Alive, cinema instructor and expert Joseph E. Champoux presents carefully selected film scenes that showcase organizational behavior concepts and issues that can be used at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive levels.

Classics like The Godfather, contemporary films like Morning Glory, and even animated films that rely on computer graphics technology all offer valuable insights into understanding organizational behavior. There are even overlooked gems such as James and the Giant Peach, which includes an underappreciated scene showcasing work force diversity.

Each scene thats presented includes questions to ask yourself as well as space to write down your own observations. Theres also a list of concepts and examples that you can check off as you see them in a scene.