Why Can’T the Owl Sleep?
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Why Can’T the Owl Sleep?

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Cynthia Baker
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A great horned owl, who has hunted all night, looks forward to sleeping undisturbed on his roost at the edge of a lake in the northern woods. He anticipates a day of peace and quiet, but dawn is the time when his busy neighbors come and go beneath him in the bog, lake, and surrounding forest.
Just as the owl closes his eyes, a chickadee loudly sings, a great blue heron squawks, and a chipmunk chatters and squeaks. How--oh how--is a great horned owl supposed to sleep? As a parade of animals makes their presence known under his roost, the owl soon realizes that getting a good days rest may be more difficult than he imagined.

In this colorfully illustrated, rhyming tale for children, a great horned owl attempts to seek sleep and peace on a very noisy day in the northern woods.