Love and Immigration
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Love and Immigration

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Julie Aluko
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A Memoir: LOVE AND IMMIGRATION narrates the true story of two youngsters who share the same childhood dream. Temi, at the tender age of three told his Nigerian family he intended to marry a white woman. Julie, at the age of ten, who lived with her family in Wisconsin, USA, had a dream of her own, that of marrying an African man.
In this love story, Temi and Julie tell about their experience of meeting each other online from half way around the world. They share how they fell in love and eventually get married in Africa.
Their story shares the challenges of an online relationship, as well as cultural differences and the immigration process, which involves being separated for over a year after their short honeymoon.

LOVE AND IMMIGRATION describes how they managed their marriage while living 6,500 miles apart.

A story of inspiration, hope and making dreams come true!