Number Eleven
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Number Eleven

A Love Story in 1960’S Bombay
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Zia McNeal
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By 1966, Amir has built a new life for himself in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. To keep the promise to his mother, he flies to Bombay, India to meet with the ten eligible women his family has found. The first few visits are unsuccessful, and with only three weeks to find a wife, hes getting discouraged. Amir is pleasantly surprised by a last-minute addition to the list, and his opinions of the whole process change dramatically.
Could number eleven be the one?

Nazeera is unlike any of the other women hes met. Captivated, he can no longer imagine his life without her. But will she leave her family and friends to marry him and move to America?

Amir is not the first man to propose marriage to Nazeera. But, he is the first man to say he admires her self-confidence and independence.

Suddenly, she has two tempting proposals to consider. One man treats her with respect - but lives in a land far away from her family. The other seems to offer everything shes ever wanted - but something about him bothers her. Her married friend assures her that if she follows her head, her heart will comply eventually.

The problem is, she doesnt know what to do. Which man will truly make her happy?