In the Wake of Kumite and Beyond
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In the Wake of Kumite and Beyond

How to Develop Your Own Martial Arts Potential Through Sparring
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Stephen Dominic Dialessi
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Explore the electrifying world of kumite, or sparring in martial arts, and take your martial arts work to a whole new level. In this guide, author Stephen Dialessi builds on more than thirteen years of Tae Kwon Do training and his study of Aikido and other martial arts to present an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to kumite.
In the Wake of Kumite and Beyond provides a visual learning experience for martial art students at all skill levels. It seeks to increase knowledge of martial arts training and give beginning martial artists the necessary tools for more intelligent observation of sparring techniques. For more experienced martial artists, this guide offers an integrative, workable tool for solidifying technique application. Through interconnection; focusing on individual techniques that resonate with you; and taking a holistic, balanced approach to sparring, you have the potential to experience a tremendous boost in productivity, enrichment in personal growth, and increased effectiveness and efficiency.

With In the Wake of Kumite and Beyond, become empowered and be inspired to explore the unknown in the realm of sparring strategy.