Duct Tape Won’T Stick to a Leaky Ostomy Bag
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Duct Tape Won’T Stick to a Leaky Ostomy Bag

One Man’S Fight Against Crohn’S Disease and Cancer
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David H. Brantley
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David H. Brantleys first serious challenge came when his doctor told him it would be a miracle if he survived another six months. Crohns disease was simply taking too heavy a toll on his system.
Thirty years later, another doctor told him that hed have to open him up for surgery to determine the severity of his colorectal cancer. Even though it was worse than the doctor imagined, Brantley persevered.

In this inspiring account about fighting Crohns and cancer, Brantley looks back at the big dreams he had growing up, including becoming a successful actor and writerand celebrates what he actually became best atbeating the odds.

Through the Crohns and cancer, hes kept fighting and learned that living out ones dreams is not nearly as important as dreaming to live. Of course, hes made the journey easier by playing some Broadway tunes in the background.

If youre struggling to overcome an obstacle that seems impossible, youll be inspired to keep fighting by joining Brantley as he looks back at a lifelong struggle and the lessons hes learned in Duct Tape Wont Stick to a Leaky Ostomy Bag.