Caeleb’S Perfect Gift
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Caeleb’S Perfect Gift

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Megan Reedy
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Caeleb is a young boy who wants to find his mother the perfect gift for her birthday. He has seven days to find something that is just right.
Caeleb listens to his mother without her knowing. His mother makes a wish each day before her birthday, wishing for a horse, a new pair of rain boots, a new car, a banana split, a vacation, and for the flowers in her garden to grow strong. Every day, Caeleb draws pictures of his mothers wishes so that hell remember them. But Caeleb doesnt have much money to buy things, and there isnt much time before his mothers birthday. How will Caeleb ever find the perfect gift? With his grandfathers help, perhaps he will find something just right to give her.

In this illustrated childrens story, a creative boy searches for a birthday gift for his mother and learns that the best gift is one that comes from the heart.