The Dragonfly Guardian
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The Dragonfly Guardian

Part One: Darkness Rising
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Angela Antaloczy
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Eighteen-year-old Annabelle Lewis has been haunted by nightmares ever since she can remember. When she was young, her mother kept the terror at bay. Unfortunately now that her mother is gone, no one can help Annabelle but herself as the monsters who haunt her nightly step into reality and test her sanity. Something dark is rising in the small town of Wells Park.
When the Cohine family moves into town, Annabelles long-held beliefs are soon altered. Captivated by the youngest brother, Jaden, who speaks of worlds unknown to her, Annabelle quietly wonders whether she can trust him. But Jaden is not the only one seeking her; darkness is fighting just as hard. After she learns her blood could be rare, precious, and powerful, Annabelle soon finds herself torn between two worlds--one good and the other evil--and a choice with the potential to change her life and the future. Now only time will tell if she has the courage to take on her destiny or whether she will live long enough to find out.

In this young adult thriller, an intensifying darkness tests a teenagers beliefs, courage, and strength as she faces the monsters in her nightmares and the biggest decision of her life.