Going Home
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Going Home

A Novel
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Raymond Lescault
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Going Home is a story of lost and found, a story of a family torn apart by the depression and poverty of the 1930s. It tells of their struggle to survive and find a place in a new world of dust and despair. This family travels a lifetime to find the home they once knew. In the end death brings them together once more and points them to the road that was always there all along. This is a story the author knows well because he was one of that lost generation.
(Authors note)
I thought of many titles for this novel before I decided on Going Home. I believe that sometime in our lives we have all wished that we could go home to a simple, uncomplicated, warm and loving place we once knew or always hoped to find. I believe that the two words in this title are both a hope and a prayer; it speaks of a universal desire that lives in all of us. Thomas Wolfe looked into his half full glass and remarked, You cant go home again, but even if this is true, hope still lives. No matter where we go in the world we all long to see home again. Truly, in our hearts we are always going home.