Conquer Your Yips: Win the Employment You Target
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Conquer Your Yips: Win the Employment You Target

How Understanding Golf Stress Defeats Job Search Stress
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Chuck McConnell
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Even if you have a job, theres a good chance you want to find a better one.
If youre actively looking for work or seeking to make a change, you know it can be quite stressful--its similar to the uncomfortable feeling, or yips, that most golfers experience on the course.

Amateur golfer Chuck McConnell with twenty years in career services and job transition, compares these two stresses to help job hunters, golfers and non-golfers alike, improve their perspectives while locating and securing great jobs.

Whether youre unemployed, underemployed, or just seeking new opportunities, youll get guidance that will help you:

Prepare for your next job interview;
Define your skills and market yourself to companies that need you;
Practice and take aim to achieve your goal.

By looking at your job search in a new way, youll be entertained and inspired to do the hard work thats necessary to Conquer Your Yips: Win the Employment You Target.