The Earth Experiment
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The Earth Experiment

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Rob Doan
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Professor of psychology Wayne Chisholm has been having bad luck lately, although at least some of that is his own fault. Divorce, a house fire, and the deaths of some dear friends have marked his recent past. And now he awakens to find himself inexplicably in a strange land, guided by a woman named Evie.
Evie explains to Wayne that Earths history is not what its inhabitants believe. They have no idea they are subjects in the Earth Experiment, a millennia-old effort by the government of the planet Atlantia to save Earth from itselfand from the clutches of the rival world of Satonia. Recent political unrest and debate has arisen on Atlantia, however, and the Earth Experiment is in jeopardy of being haltedwhich would leave the door open for Satonia to step in and help itself to Earths natural resources. Evie is an Atlantian emissary engaged in a last-ditch effort to salvage Earth before its too late, and she is looking to Wayne for help.

Against all odds, caught in the interface between the two planets and their agents, Wayne begins to uncover an incredible truth that will change his life forever and that could save the earthif he can survive long enough.