Six Thousand Miles
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Six Thousand Miles

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T. Malone
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Tia Malone escaped the childhood sexual abuse she endured from family members, fleeing to Hawaii. There she married, started a family, and saw that marriage fail. She began a construction business and was then invited to enter into a business partnership in Upstate New York, six thousand miles from her Hawaiian home.
The author presents a first-person account of the journey of discovery Tia took during that period. While in New York, she met a man she called Mr. Boss who inspired desire and awoke in her the need to fulfill herself spiritually and physically. With his help, she found her way to a new perspective as a loving, passionate, and sensual woman, living out sexual fantasies that she had only seen in movies. But Malone and Mr. Boss were soon faced with the cold reality of the difficulties that come with a long-distance relationship, as well as conflicting business and family responsibilities. Together, they struggled with the hardest decision of their lives.

This is a story of one womans attempt to overcome the demons of her childhood and find fulfillment and empowerment in body, mind, and spirit. Six thousand miles lie between the woman she is, the woman she becomes and the man that helped her change it all forever.