If Your Telephone Isn’T Working, Please Call the Office
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If Your Telephone Isn’T Working, Please Call the Office

The Hard-To-Believe Adventures of Teaching in a Failing School System
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JT Victor
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Its a cast of characters that sounds too outrageous to be true: school administrators who disrupt the education of students to pursue pet programs, a superintendent who spends taxpayer dollars to upgrade a private bathroom, and principals that cheat on state testing scores.JT Victor witnessed all that and more when he was a teacher in inner-city public schools, and he shares it all in this candid account that reveals the shortcomings of a system where most of the problems are caused by adultsnot students.
However, colleges continue to prep future teachers on engaging students and maintaining order in the classroom. Meanwhile, nothing is being done about the people in charge who dont have the best interests of students at heart.
Penny-pinching politicians, disinterested parents, and school administrators pretending to be leaders make it nearly impossible for battle-weary teachers to do their jobs. Despite it all, most teachers continue to succeed and students continue to learn.
It all might seem amusing if it didnt involve our children and tax dollars, which is why you need to know whats going on so it doesnt happen at your school.