The Glass Key
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The Glass Key

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Joanna Marsden
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Toby and Belle, BFF, never forgot that day, and ever after called it The day everything changed. Because of a family crisis, the friends dreaded this might be the very last summer they would ever spend together. Trying to shake off and forget their gloom, they decided to find comfort in hiking one of their favorite trails. Then things changed.On the trail where they found the tiny Key, gritty with age, they had no idea it was exceptional in any way. Yet soon enough the little Key revealed its power: magic so potent it freed Mennoc, their grandfatherly friend trapped by a spell. In gratitude Mennoc invited the friends to join him in Story-Travel to a Far- Past-Time. As Mennoc explained, Story-Travel would allow them to see into the Past while not actually entering that world. To help them find the cave where the Story-Travel could begin, Mennoc gave Belle The Glass Key: passed down to him by his ancestors.
As Mennoc began their Story Travel, he briefly held The Glass Key for emphasis, but accidentally fumbled and dropped it. In a flash, Toby and Belle found themselves inside the world of the Far-Past which only a moment ago Mennoc had described to them: a place he warned them never to enter, a place full of dangers.

Transported now into this Far- Past- Time, the bewildered friends found themselves inside a village controlled by a vile, shape-shifting Wizard. With heart-stopping relief the two friends met and were helped by a lad their own age, Enon. His kind family looked after them and helped hide them from the Wizard. Yet safe as they now were, they felt dangers lurked ahead. Can Toby and Belle help Enon rescue the young boys trapped in the caves by the Wizard? Even more important, how will the two friends find a way to get home again?