The Tree
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The Tree

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Patricia Wielinski
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Graceful as a ballerina and strong as a well-trained athlete, the Bing cherry tree in George and Emily Martins yard has a good strong trunk with branches that reach out in all directions. The neighborhood children, including the Martins neighbor Jennifer, love to visit the tree and sit in its branches. They know its a special tree, and they treat it with respect.
Grumpy George doesnt like the kids sitting in his tree everyday; hes afraid theyre going to hurt the tree. His wife, Emily, tries to assure him that the children are well-behaved and respectful and he should not fear for the tree.

One day, George makes a surprise visit to the tree and learns firsthand the kids are respectful and they love the tree. Once he gets to know the kids and sees how nice they are, George has a complete change of heart and takes on a new attitude about seeing the children sit in the tree. He learns a valuable lesson about sharing and caring.