The Fury of Angels
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The Fury of Angels

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Joy Cieslarski
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It was love at first sight.
The minute their hands touched that day in the drugstore, William and Sadie were bonded forever. Their marriage was built on something stronger than simple love. When their son was born, everything they thought they knew was changed forever. Each is forced to make impossible choices as to the childs future and their part in it. His birth was a miracle, they realize. They cant quite grasp the unshakable fact their son somehow holds the key to the destiny of humanity. A fatal decision alters everything, including the perfect life they had envisioned for their infant son.

As their son Mark matures into manhood, he pursues a career as a paramedic.On an emergency call, he meets an elderly woman and soon finds himself immersed in a world he never imagined. Even those closest to him become suspect when their actions straddle the boundaries of right and wrong. Mark begins to question the seeming contradictions between the truth he knows and the truth being shown to him.

As a battle between good and evil ensues, Mark is caught in the middle. With whom does his allegiance rest? His emotional life is turned inside out as he faces his beliefs about angels and their place in his world.

Will he make the right choice or choose a path which may ultimately destroy him and those he holds close?