Monstro and the Kelp Kids
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Monstro and the Kelp Kids

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Michael S. Amorillo
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Monstro, a large and loveable sea monster who lives by the California sea, is different than most monsters. He is not interested in being scary or hiding under childrens beds. He only wants to spend his days roaming the sea. But there is only one problem: Monstro does not know how to swim. Still, he knows deep in his monster heart that one day he will travel the seas.
Each day as Monstro tries to get into the water, fear fills his monster body. But all of that is about to change when Monstro meets the Kelp Kids, a fun-loving group of water creatures from all over the world who seek adventure wherever they go. After they teach Monstro to believe in himself, he bravely jumps in the water and swims at last! Soon, his dream of seeing the world comes true, with the help of the Kelp Kids and a giant purple whale.

Monstro and the Kelp Kids is the delightful story of a lovable sea monster who learns to face his fears with help from his new forever friends as they share wisdom, offer encouragement, and most importantly, embrace diversity.