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Lisa Parrish
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Adobe Digital Editions
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In a seemingly quiet town in northern Georgia, Maggie Miller grows up as a timid girl who just wants to blend into the woodwork. After she graduates from high school and leaves home for college, she meets and marries Scott Phillips, a confident former high school baseball star who appearsat least on the outsideto be the perfect catch. Unfortunately, as Maggie is about to find out, sometimes looks can be deceiving.
After the birth of their son, Maggie is forced to face harsh facts about her husband as their life together unfolds. After a shocking truth is finally revealed, Maggie moves back to her hometown to build a new life for herself and her son. Soon, a chance encounter with a former schoolmate and current police chief, Will McFarland, quickly leads to changes for both of them. As romance blooms, their pasts resurface and bring chaos, sweeping away their peaceful lives in an undercurrent of betrayal, corruption, and murder that threatens to pull them under troubled waters forever.

In this mystery based on real-life events, a young couple must work together to resolve their pasts before they can move into the future where only time will tell if happiness and everlasting love awaits them.