There’S No One Like You
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There’S No One Like You

The Adventures of Madelyn the Terrapin
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Michel Elben
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Madelyn is a tenacious young turtle who cant seem to find any other turtles who look like her! Shes a special turtle called a terrapin, and she lives in the Chesapeake Bay. Feeling lonely and sad, Madelyn decides to go traveling and find other turtles like her, but at first, she only runs into trouble.
She meets a grumpy snapping turtle who is anything but encouraging. She comes across some serious Bay pollution where she meets a much kinder, more welcoming oyster toadfish. Madelyn also meets Jurgen the sturgeon, but she keeps on moving, in search of an elusive terrapin to call her friend.

Even though Madelyn wants to find other turtles who look like her, she comes to realize that its okay to be different. In fact, its our differences that make us special and interesting! Its not an easy lesson to learn, and Madelyn has to travel far and wide to learn it. Will she discover other terrapins in the Chesapeake Bay?