Turning Sewage into Reusable Water
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Turning Sewage into Reusable Water

Written for the Layperson
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Joe Reichenberger
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Have you ever wondered what happens when you flush that toilet, do your laundry, or take a shower? Is that really the end of waters long out of sight out of mind journey or is it only the beginning? Written in easy to understand language for the layperson, the book briefly describes how sewage is treated and converted into a valuable water resource to sustain our quality of life and why water recycling is important and will become the norm of the future.
The authors hope that this book will be useful to students, parents, school counselors, and others who advise and assist individuals in their career choices as well as to decision makers council members, community leaders, and board members of water and sanitation agencies as they weigh budgetary decisions on the planning and construction of their wastewater and recycling systems.