Voices from the Sisterhood
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Voices from the Sisterhood

Spiritual Reflections, Volume 1
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D. Pulane Lucas
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The women of the Brooklyn Community Church have clearly opened their hearts, remembrances and spirits in creating this inspiring work of literature. Their words and reflections provide healing and insight to those who are seeking deeper relationships with God and more fulfilling relationships with sisters everywhere.
Reverend Dr. Shelia Evans-Tranumn
Former Associate Commissioner of Education
New York State Education Department

This is truly a powerful and uplifting compilation of spiritual reflections, poems, tributes, and inspirational images! The women of The Sisterhood speak boldly about their lives and experiences, while always giving glory to God for His love, mercy and grace. Voices From The Sisterhood: Spiritual Reflections, Volume 1, will inspire women around the globe of every race, ethnicity, and culture.
Laurie Cumbo
New York City Council Member
District 35

The women of the Brooklyn Community Church (BCC) are inspired, and they hope to inspire you. A spirited and courageous group of African-American Christians, they seek to encourage women to speak confidently about the goodness of God. Their reflections capture the excitement and spiritual depth of dynamic women of faith who eagerly joined together to launch a womens ministry that would eventually be known and loved fondly as The Sisterhood. Each woman is an honored member of The Sisterhood, no matter where she stands on her journey to truth, dignity, wisdom, self-respect and faith.

Through their words and images, each contributor to this volume hopes to use her voice to encourage women to love, trust, support, and honor one another.