Seasons Change
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Seasons Change

A Collection of Poems
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Angelia L. Boynton
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Walk with me, Lord.Guide me through this journey of mine.
Guide me through, Lord,
For my tomorrow
Is dependent on you ...

Life is not only full of joy, but also challenges, frustrations, and heartache. In her first collection of poems, Angelia Boynton shares lyrical verse intended to calm, inspire, and provide hope for others on their unique journey through life.
Boyntons thoughtful poems address a wide variety of topics that include love, faith, and modern social dilemmas. In her poetry, Boynton reflects on the importance of putting country first, the confusion that surrounds unrequited love, and the peace that can be found by putting ones trust in God, especially during lifes most disparaging moments. In verse that explores relatable issues like change, the Golden Rule, perseverance, gossip, and freedom, Boynton offers inspiration that will touch the hearts of many.
In this compilation of poems, one woman shares reflections from her journey through life as she loves, learns, and leans on God for strength.