And God Sent Stinkbug
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And God Sent Stinkbug

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Kimberlee Fifelski
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A terrible drought has fallen upon the ant village of Forageville. The ants are starving, and the bullies have overthrown the colony. Weak with hunger, a small ant named Anthony prays for God to help his colony. When he finds a treasure map to a giant castle filled with delicious treats, Anthony is sure the map is the answer to his prayers.
But before Anthony can fulfill his wish to save the colony, bullies throw him into the dungeon. That night sad and fearful- Anthony receives the gift of faith. Armed only with his map and his newfound faith in God, the brave little ant escapes into the darkness.

Once on his quest, he meets a stinkbug with a stomach ache who is willing to help. The forest ahead is haunted and someone is following them. When spiders ready for battle block the path through the Silver Jungle, Anthonys courage and faith begin to fail.

Anthony is the last hope for his colonys survival, time is running out and he needs to find that castle before its too late.