The Hawaiian Project
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The Hawaiian Project

Book 3: the Cody Hunter Series
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Homer A. Taylor
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It is 1982 when cowboy turned federal agent Cody Hunter is once again thrust into the danger zones to execute justice. Along with his two partners, Bob and Leo, Cody is assigned to eliminate a major narcotics smuggler who is rapidly becoming the worlds wealthiest and most dangerous man. Driven by his passion for his work, Cody leaves his new love, Nancy, and her son, Charlie, behind, and heads for Los Angeles.With the seemingly willing daughter of a Nevada senator in his possession, kingpin smuggler James Frank Caprioza is living on a yacht just offshore, surrounded by armed boats. After their attempt to rescue the girl fails, Cody, Bob, and Leo continue their pursuit to Hawaii where they uncover a large sinsemilla field, unaware that Caprioza has partnered with the senator to secretly develop an ultimate weapon with not only great killing potential, but also worth billions to China and Russia. Now there is an even bigger problem: the senator is dead, his daughter is still missing, and Caprioza is willing to do anything in his power to eliminate his three pursuers.
In this continuing action adventure tale, a federal agent and his partners risk everythingincluding their livesto capture a determined drug smuggler before he carries out an evil plan.