How I Made Fortunes in Real Estate and How You Can Too!
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How I Made Fortunes in Real Estate and How You Can Too!

Fascinating Stories and Secrets for Success from an Insider
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Barbara Knauf
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Barbara Knauf came to the United States with a high school education, a few hundred dollars, and a job as an airline stewardess, but she went on to own real estate in three different states and sell more than 100 million in properties. In this guidebook, youll learn from her experience and discover the winning strategies that allowed her to become a successful investor, including:

fifteen basic truths to succeed in real estate as an agent
advice for creating financial security with real estate investments
guide to selecting the right properties and/or foreclosures
tips on structuring sales, purchases and contracts
important real estate facts for buyers, sellers, agents and investors
homeownership versus renting

You can play it safe by keeping your money in the bank, but that is not going to get you to your goal of financial independence. Open yourself up to new possibilities, and learn from a pro how you too can make a fortune in real estate just like the author.

Whimsical drawings by Lynette Yencho, a Minnesota artist, add to the special appeal of this book, plus Barbara Knaufs many real life stories.