Being Boots
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Being Boots

A Children’S Story
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Boots, an active and happy puppy, is alone for the first time ever. He has wandered out of the yard, away from his mother and sisters, and now he is lost. What will he do? Its scary being Boots all alone at night!
He begins walking to try to find his way home, and that is where he meets a friendly man in a pickup truck. As the man takes him to the ocean, through a storm, and to the mans home on a farm, Boots learns about the world and sometimes feels like being Boots can be lots of fun. Along the way, he meets a mother hen, a friendly goldfish, and loud and stomping ponies. But will he be able to find a home for himself?

Being Boots shares the story of young puppy who is lost and alone but finds his way to a new home and to love.