Champona Champona
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Champona Champona

Anti Bullying Message
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Yolanda Quesada
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Fourteen-year-old Champona dreams of going to college and studying journalism but fears her dreams will never come true. Even so, her grandmother Rosa tells her that someday, she will help lots of children and that they will call out her name.
Every day, Champona must deal with a bully at school. His name is Billy Bollen, and he picks on her and on many other children. All of them are afraid to say anything to teachers or parents, fearing that things may get worse. But when the coach at school gives her a special pair of boxing gloves, Champona finds she has the strength to stand up to the bully and to make her part of the world a better place for everyone.

This story for young readers presents an anti-bullying message designed to inspire children and young adults to stand up for themselves against bullying and become heroes in their own right.