Ha, Ha, Ha
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Ha, Ha, Ha

She Was a Very Funny Girl
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Helen Tsalacopoulos
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There is a very funny girl who says very funny words because she likes to make her friends laugh. One day, as she and her friends play a jump rope game on the sidewalk, she says a word that no one has ever heard before. Her friends all look at each other. And then they start to laugh. They laugh so hard that they cant jump rope anymore. They laugh so hard that they cant even stand up.
It isnt long before the other children are saying this silly new word. They say it to other friends, who start to say it too. This fun word makes everyone smile. But what happens when a word gets used too much?

In this delightfully entertaining story, a young girl shares her joy of making up silly words to make her friends laugh. When one word gets old and loses its magic, its up to the same young girl to come up with another.