Afternoon Food Frolic
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Afternoon Food Frolic

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Adele Stone
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The four Peterson kids love to play and have fun, but they cant think of anything to do when they have a day off from schooluntil they get creative.
Being the oldest child, Sue takes command and tells siblings Mike, Annie and John to make concoctions in the kitchen. At stake is a grand prize, and Sue declares that shell be the judge.

Sue gives each of her siblings a mixing bowl and large wooden spoon. Now, remember the rules, she shouts with glee. Come up with your own unique recipe! We dont measure the ingredients or taste the batter! Just tell me what you need - Ill get it in a flash!

What follows is spontaneous afternoon fun as the children ingeniously overcome their boredom. Afternoon Food Frolic provides a humorous perspective on childs play and shows that being creative is fun and exciting.