From the Cradle to the Seventh Grade
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From the Cradle to the Seventh Grade

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Chad A. Wright
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Some of us are lucky enough to be born into this world and catch all the breaks. Then there are those of us who dont catch very many, or any at all. Here is the story of a young man who barely made it into the worldwho got a rough deal right out of the gate.
From the time he was born there always seemed to be some setback or health issue facing him. With each issue, each hurdle, he found the courage within himself to face every obstacle that came his way. There were many times during his life that things looked pretty bleak. Whether it was the surgeries he had to endure or being a little bit behind and underdeveloped compared to other kids his age, he still managed to persevere and grow up to be the bright young man that he is today. He is now in the seventh grade and on the verge of becoming a teenager. He loves movies, swimming, baseball, and playing video gamesjust the same as any other kid his age.

This is the story of my son Thomas. A story of how a boy found the courage and strength within himself and along the way taught his parents about finding that same strength to overcome great odds.