Mira’S Way
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Mira’S Way

Adventures of a Whirling Girl
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Alexis Phillips
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Mira is a young girl who loves to whirl. One magical day, she decides to set out on a spectacular worldwide adventure to discover art, cultures, and freedom without any idea of the treasures her voyage of the heart will eventually unveil.
Mira begins in France where she visits little patisseries and eats cake with friends, boards the train to Paris, and visits the Louvre Museum. As her journey leads her through the Venice canals to Greece, Italy, and beyond, she finds herself while riding a motorcycle through Vietnam, hiking the Himalayan mountains, taking a boat down the river Ganges in India, and visiting Zen gardens in Japan. Along the way, Mira meets people in cities and villages who teach her the importance of love, forgiveness, and being true to herself.

In this colorful, rhyming storybook for young adults, a spirited girl embarks on a traveling adventure around the globe in search of art, new cultures, and freedom where she discovers the keys to living a joyful life.