I Love My Sister Because…
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I Love My Sister Because…

The Bella Bee Story Tales
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Maisha Jackson
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Its a fact: little Bella Bee loves her sister.
No matter what, she loves her sister unconditionally. It doesnt matter what they do together, pray or play, run and chase, or even squabble (as even the best sisters sometimes do)Bella knows that her big sister will always be her best friend (and vice versa).

Like most younger siblings, Bella Bee knows that if she cant figure something out on her own, her big sister is there to help. In her sisters care and support, Bella Bee learns the true meaning of love.

I Love My Sister Becauseencourages children of color to choose love, confidence, happiness, compassion, and fun over anger, disappointment, sadness, jealousy, and despair. Even in those moments when life seems unfair and she doesnt get her way, Bella Bee wants everyone to know that everything will be okay.

With exciting rhymes and captivating artwork, Bellas story of unconditional love is sure to inspire. Bella Bee hopes youll follow her on Facebook and on Twitter @BellaBeeBooks.