Lilith Whispers Back
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Lilith Whispers Back

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Karen Steur
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As far back as she can remember Lilith Montgomery has been able to sense and hear things that others cannot. Lilith, who has been blessed with the gift of clairaudience, can hear and talk with the ghosts and angels who surround her. As she matures and becomes more aware of her abilities, Lilith pursues a career as a nurse so she can help her patients both in body and spirit.
As thoughts, messages, and answers whirl around Lilith, she soon becomes accustomed to the whispers that help guide her in her work caring for the sick and dying, reassure her during challenging times, provide her joy, and even forewarn her of potential tragedy. But when her mother dies suddenly, Lilith is left to question everything, including her special abilities. As she attempts to turn away from her gift and the angels, she is drawn back. Then she meets a ruggedly handsome wrangler while on a dude ranch vacation. Now only time will tell if she can trust him enough to reveal her secret.

Lilith Whispers Back shares the compelling tale of a nurse with a special gift as she embarks on an unforgettable journey to embrace her abilities and her true self.