Be Commandready
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Be Commandready

The Ultimate Life Survival Handbook
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Bill Romano
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Have you ever watched the news after a natural disaster and thought, what were those people thinking? When people are given ample notice and still ignore the warnings, you have to wonder why. In Be Commandready, authors Bill and Debra Romano present a life skills guidebook to help you always be prepared for not only disasters but everyday situations.
Combining the best advice of many individuals gathered throughout their lifetime, the Romanos offer a new way of thinking to help you navigate and prepare yourself for the rigors of life. The tips will show you how to

maximize time and efforts needed to excel and come out ahead; increase the opportunities that present themselves every day; think properly to reduce or eliminate your debts and invest more wisely in time and money; raise your expectations of yourself; focus on completing your lifes goals and desires; leverage yourself better, bargain better, and add more time to relax and vacation in life; seek the best in positive people, avoiding toxic people; and filter out most of lifes scams.

Be Commandready focuses on preparing you for the third phase of your life, a point where you can leave the rat race behind because you will be ready to live life on your terms and not on whims, responsibilities, and stresses associated with the every-day 9 to 5 indebted grind.