The Bite Book
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The Bite Book

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Mimi Soes
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Raising children is no small feat. There are many challenges and biting can be one of them.
Mimi Soes, who founded and managed a small private school and childcare facility for forty years (infants through gr.5) offers guidance and advice for parents and early childcare educators on the why and how to handle the shock, the fear and subsequent drama that occurs when a child lashes out in frustration and bites. While illustrating a biting incident from a teachers point of view, Soes leads others through a different perspective that illustrates the challenges a teacher faces before, during and after a child bites, and offers reasons why children bite.

The Bite Book offers a seasoned childhood educators view on biting children, ways to prevent such behavior, and encouragement for parents and teachers that a little understanding, awareness, cooperation, and patience goes a long way when dealing with problematic behavior in children.