Race for the Species

Race for the Species
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J.L. Allen
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The Rusty Anchor is a well-known gathering spot for blue collar workers who huddle around pool tables, bar stools, and bottles of bourbon. Rich Ruskin is a truck driver who loves knocking back a few cold ones at the Rusty Anchor with the six other guys who run package routes around the city. But as he enters the bar on what he thinks will be a typical Friday night, Rich has no idea that events surrounding this evening will not only change his view of the world, but the world itself.
After six attractive women enter the Rusty Anchor, Rich heads to the restroom. When he returns, his friends have disappeared into thin airalong with the beautiful women. What he does not know is that around the world, over two million other men have also vanished. As Rich becomes a suspect in his friends disappearances, the world erupts into chaos as a new species is born. Now Rich is expected to deliver the world from destruction and his own kind from extinction. But one obstacle stands in his way: a determined enemy who feels they have as much right to the planet as he does.

In this gripping science fiction story, a delivery man whose route suddenly takes him between the Earths surface and those living beneath must pull out all the stops to save the worldand manfrom a resolute invader.

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