The Weaver’S Tale
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The Weaver’S Tale

A Story of the Malheur River Country
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Carol A. Crandell
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Life forever changed for Summer Jackson when her husband, Dakota, died in an accident on an Oregon desert road. Now alone, always tired, and just a little bit mad at God, Summer is doing her best to manage their cattle ranch, raise their three children, and work as a trauma nurse. But when her emergency radio beeps one day to alert her of an accident at a local campground, Summer has no idea that her life is about to change once again.
Tanner Greywolf, once the life of the party with a girl on both arms, is now a self-described worn-down cowhand who, while gathering lost cows for his rancher boss, falls with his horse and breaks his leg. After Summer races to the scene, she tends to Tanner and his horse and transports Tanner to the hospital. When she learns he now has no place to call home, Summer decides to hire him to help out on her ranch. But not all of the family may be as happy as she is to have a new cowboy hanging around.

In this contemporary western romance, a cowboy and a widow rancher brought together against all odds begin an unforgettable journey together to hopefully find the healing they both so desperately need.