The Belly Bug Bully
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The Belly Bug Bully

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Sabrina Panfilo
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Have you ever been bitten by the belly bug bully? If you have, you know its a terrible time. Your body temperature rises and you run a fever. Your tummy hurts and grumbles and you cant even eat. And you certainly cannot play. Sometimes the belly bug bully will get you even when you remember to wash your hands. Thats exactly what happens to the kid in this story.
When bitten by the belly bug bully, this child just doesnt understand why. With hands always washed and Mom always obeyed, it seems like the belly bug bully would have no power. But when the childs tummy starts to rumble, theres no mistaking whats going on. Now the child has two options to choose from: let the belly bug bully ruin the day, or listen to what Mom and the doctor have to say.

If it were you, what would you do?