What Tomorrow Brings
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What Tomorrow Brings

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It has been two years since a tragedy shattered Amandas perfect world. After her husband died suddenly, Amanda wondered how she could possibly raise their teenage son, Brett, on her own. But with the help of friends and family, Amanda has survived and Brett has entered college. Now there is just one thing missing in Amandas life: love.When Amandas best girlfriend invites her to the Hamptons for a girls weekend, she happily embraces the idea of experiencing something new. The morning after Amanda arrives, she heads to the beach for a run and meets Colin, a handsome divorc who lives two doors down. Their attraction is undeniable, and despite their previous emotional wounds, they jump with both feet into the possibility of love. As the weekend comes to a close, they reluctantly part, not knowing if they are truly ready for each other. But as Amanda heads home and contemplates a future with Colin, she has no idea that someone from her husbands past is about to appear in her life and change everything.
In this poignant novel, a woman journeys from loss to the chance of love to a tangled web of deception in order to find a new definition of family and inner strength.