Zen and the Art of Racing Motorcycles

Zen and the Art of Racing Motorcycles
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Gregg Wright Bonelli
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Gregg Bonelli, born with an inquisitive mind and competitive nature, has had the desire to go fast since 1964, when he discovered his true self through racing motorcycles. In this colorful and creative tribute to his love of motorcycling and racing, Bonelli shares insights into life and death from the seat of a racing motorcycle that vividly celebrate the lifestyle he has embraced for fifty years.
Bonelli offers a fascinating glimpse into the thought processes and life of a motorcycle racer, as he made lasting friendships, raced at speeds most would think insane, and met eclectic characters along the way. With his mind constantly on motorcycles and the next race, Bonelli details how the rest of his life seemed only incidental to his obsession with going fast. Whether racing on a 250 Harley Sprint or a TZ750 Yamaha, Bonelli shares anecdotes, poetry, and prose that illuminate the pure joy of what it is like to count down the minutes until he can zip his leathers, hop in his van with his bike in the back, and head out to race again.

Zen and the Art of Racing Motorcycles shares a seasoned motorcycle racers perspective on why he loves to ride with the wind with the throttle wide open and nothing but excitement and the possibility of a win before him.

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