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Stop Competing and Start Creating the Life You Want to Live
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Nicole R. Matthews
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Forget leaning in or leaning out to get ahead both personally and professionally, in Permission! Stop Competing and Start Creating the Life You Want to Live, Nicole Matthews, founder of The Henley Company, champions the power of leaning on others to help create the life you want to live. This witty, humorous, and self-deprecating tale of a forty-something, who has had more fascinating life experiences than dates, will help you realize that giving yourself permission to live the life you want is the first step to finding your best future! Matthews is at the top of her game, but not without having to overcome challenges and mend emotionally, financially, and personally.The personal journey of Nicole R. Matthews, a social media-loving member of generation x, who cherishes unique experiences, stamps in her passports, and trying to make sense of the opposite sex, is humorously chronicled in Permission! Through her stories, she shares the heartbreak she endured, a depression so profound she spent the night in the ER, and the challenge of having low self-esteem. But despite the setbacks she faced, she found the courage to give herself permission to get out of her broken relationships, start a successful business, and create the opportunities to honor her most precious authentic intentions.