Three Pete
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Three Pete

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John Wayne
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Bill Potter, once a hardworking railroad engineer, has fallen on hard times. Despite being disabled from an accident that robbed him of a life free of pain, Bill never forgets to give thanks, even for his meager meals. Without any friends but Tim, a neighborhood boy with a big heart, the old man realizes he is growing tired of his challenges in life and contemplates suicide. But all of that is about to change the day Tim leads Bill to an injured stray dog lying in an alley, seemingly left for dead.
After Bill summons help from a police officer, he and the officer take the dog to a vet, where it appears the prognosis is grim. But the dogs will to live is stronger than anyone ever imagined, despite losing one of his legs. As the dog slowly improves, Bill finds a place in his heart and his home for the furry animal he names Pete. Almost immediately Bill and Pete become family and share each day with love and dedication, eventually proving that total devotion transcends even life itself.

Three Pete is the unique tale of a poignant relationship between an old disabled man and a three-legged dog as they prove to each other, and the world, that there is no better love than unconditional love.